About the artist

Bonnie Marin is a Winnipeg-based artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Manitoba. She works in a variety of mediums including sculpture, collage, painting, and artist books. Her work has been shown in various cities throughout North America, and can be found in public collections such as The Winnipeg Art Gallery and the Glenbow Museum and in private

collections as far off as London, UK and Hong Kong. Over the course of her career she has received several grants for her work from the Manitoba Arts Council and Winnipeg Arts Council. She is a 2008/2009 Mentor with MAWA (Mentoring Artists for Women's Art).

About the work

Marin's work is characterized by her incredible sensitivity to the technique of assemblage through which she creates unsettling images that are mixed with her very sardonic and wry sense of humour. Marin offers up the darker side of humanity for one to contemplate. Her works shift between nightmarish episodes to pseudo sexual fantasies. She is truly a "master" at combining the unexpected with the familiar, and provides the viewer the opportunity to deliciously devour the taboos they evoke. The end results compel one to stare, usually provoking fits of uncomfortable laughter.

Marin's most recent body of work has been created under the title, Crawl Space. According to the artist, "Crawl Space is a series of wooden boxes depicting the seedier side of life. Each box is a representation of a life the viewer knows nothing about. Curious and bizarre objects fill the space and act like clues to a puzzle."

Her box collages feature various doors and windows through which the viewer is given the voyeuristic pleasure of peaking in, gawking and trying to make sense of what is taking place. Playing with scale in each box a segment of the human body (from head to toe) is examined, dissected and reinterpreted. Created with a heavy feminist overlay, Marin takes the human body and mines a variety of associations and contradictions. Identity along with self and cultural constructed concepts of beauty are brought to the forefront, as Marin employs her own unique twist and humour through her technique of combining medical illustrations, hand carved wooden body parts, found objects, pop culture, religion and art historical icons. Collectively Marin's boxes create a disjointed narrative referencing notions of collecting, display, presentation, power and control.

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